News — With Father’s Day happening this weeknd, researchers from the renowned  (NCFMR) at Bowling Green State University are offering fast facts regarding fatherhood in America:

  • The average age of a man when they first become a father is 27.5
    • The highest average age at first birth for men is among Whites at 28.5
    • The lowest average age at first birth for men is among Hispanics at 25.4

  • Most childless men expect to be fathers
    • Most recent NCFMR data finds that 76% of childless men expect to have a child, while 34% of fathers expect to have another child

  • Nearly one-quarter of fathers live apart from at least one of their children, while 78% of fathers report living with all of their children

BGSU NCFMR researchers Drs. Susan Brown, Wendy Manning, and Krista Westrick-Payne are available for additional insight and interviews regarding fatherhood and parenting research ahead of the holiday.